Web Cams. Cooke city Montana and Yellowstone National Park

Cooke City Exxon. A great WebCam, large, quality picture. Compliments of the Cooke City Exxon! The very best quality shot of Cooke City. This one is my favorite although the next two are very good as well.
 Soda Butte Lodge Webcam east The Soda Butte Lodge has two excellent web cams, this one pointed east, and the one below pointed west.

 Soda Butte Lodge Webcam west. Another very nice webcam showing Cooke City

Colter Pass - Courtesy of Big Moose Resort Snow Cam Click Here!
 Alpine Lodge, A web cam pointed at the Alpine Lodge.
Mount Washburn It's hard to keep up with this cam. Great when it works. This is one of my favorites. It does fail a lot, and has visibility problems. It quite often is just a blur. However, it can show a magnificent view of the park that stretches from Yellowstone lake to Hayden Valley.
Old Faithful Geyser The Old Faithful WebCam sends a new real-time photo of Old Faithful Geyser approximately every 30 seconds. Old Faithful is not the largest or most regular geyser in the park. It has become a popular destination because it erupts more frequently than any of the other big geysers.
 Mammoth Hot SpringsThe Mammoth WebCam shows a real-time still picture of Mammoth Hot Springs as viewed from the second floor of the Albright Visitor Center. You are looking over the visitor center parking lot, across a lawn area that was once used as a drill field by the U.S. Cavalry stationed at Fort Yellowstone.